Korean Red Ginseng Powder Capsules (200 Capsules)

Korean Red Ginseng Powder Capsules
Records of the use of Korean red ginseng as a natural remedy date back to the early 1000s of the ancient Goryeo dynasty. You can take advantage of some of its benefits by taking Korean Red Ginseng powder capsules.

For more than 2000 years, people in the know have relied on Korean red ginseng, which is regarded as the elixir of life. A strain named CheongKwanJang, thought to be the best in the world, is harvested by Korean Ginseng Corp. The powdered root, which is conveniently packaged in capsules, works quickly to provide advantages including increased energy, better circulation and metabolism, a more youthful skin, higher immunity, and a relaxing impact.


Ingredients include Korean Red Ginseng Extract & Purified Water.

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