Pharma Nord Bio-CLA + Green Tea 60 Cap

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Pharma Nord Bio-CLA + Green Tea is a unique combination of CLA and Green Tea which helps maintain a healthy muscle and fat balance in the body and improve lean muscle mass.

CLA is the most abundant polyunsaturated fatty acid (PUFA) found in human tissues. Most of the CLA in the body isof dietary origin, obtained mainly from dairy and meat products. CLA is formed principally within the digestivetracts of ruminant animals, whilst human production of CLA does not occur to a significant degree. Changes inmodern farming practice, particularly from grass fed to grain fed cattle, has resulted in large reductions in dietarylevels of CLA in dairy and meat products. 

Bio-CLA + Green Tea is a unique combination product with CLA and Green Tea to help maintain an optimal balance between lean muscle and body fat. Bio-CLA + Green Tea contains 300mg of CLA and 125mg of Green Tea per capsule. The daily intake is the equivalent of drinking 18 cups of Green Tea!

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